Hey crew! How is the spring cleaning treating you? I’m grateful that I’m technically competent, because at least once a month I go through and tweak every page on all my websites. Gotta keep that copy up-to-date! So maybe that’s less spring cleaning and more ongoing maintenance.

Anyway, here are the latest things I’m oohing and ahhing about online:


Hallelujah! I’ve been getting back into a reading habit and discovered this handy app.

Blinkist takes all those nonfiction business books we’ve been meaning to read and distills them into easily digestible 15-minute summaries. Amazing!

It’s basically giving you an executive overview so you can decide whether you think the full book will be worth your time. So far I’ve read one summary of a book I’d already bought and realized the author’s business/selling/marketing style was very different from my own, so I’ll be passing on the full-length option.

I immediately upgraded to the Pro version, not because I needed it, but because I wanted it (it lets you automatically send your highlighted text to Evernote, listen to audio version of the “blinks,” and read more than 1 book summary per day!).

The Speaker Lab

Not a tool, but a podcast that gives you the tools you need to grow your speaking business.

I’ve been a casual fan of Grant Baldwin since his last podcast, How Did You Get Into That?, but I’m happy he moved with the trend toward more actionable (and less interview-y) podcasts.

Naturally, it also comes with a nice Facebook community to discuss all things speaking, and, from the short time I’ve been part of it, I can tell they’re doing a nice job with moderation.


Use Asana? Visual learner? Gantt chart nerd?

Instagantt has you covered. Visually see where you are in a project and how everything overlaps.

Bonus tool: Teamweek

Teamweek is Asana meets Gantt charts, natively.

Client Screening Quiz

A fun tool from one of my mastermind members, Erin Flynn, to help you determine whether a project or client is right for you. I was literally laughing out loud at how much I could relate to her answer choices.

Have fun with it…but also take it seriously. What red flags are you overlooking in your intake process?

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