Everyone wants to know what everyone else is doing, and I’m no exception. I love hearing about what unique processes and systems various business owners use to manage their businesses. Much like two women who use the exact same combination of hair, makeup, skin, and body products, it is rare to find two business owners who use the exact same tools.

So here’s a little peak behind the scenes of my business at the tools I’m using every day.

(Your eyes do not deceive you! Some tools are listed in multiple categories, because they help manage multiple aspects of my business!)

Marketing tools

  1. Edgar: The social media scheduling superstar that I happily pay $49/month for
  2. Nimble: A CRM that also integrates your social media interactions. For someone whose primary marketing is through Twitter, this is gold ($15/month)
  3. Crowdfire: A nifty site that lets me follow Twitter or Instagram “lookalike audiences” ($10/month)
  4. LandingPageMonkey: The poor man’s LeadPages for a one-time fee of $35. Recently, it has not played well with Facebook ads, however, which is what I was using it for primarily at first.
  5. Rafflecopter: Give stuff away, collect new emails, grow your list, make your audience happy! Each month you use it for the minimum features it’s $13.
  6. Later: Edgar and most other social media schedulers don’t play well with Instagram, but Latergram does! And it’s free for up to 30 images per month.

Administrative tools

  1. Boomerang: I am not a morning person, and sometimes I like to bang out some emails while watching TV at night. But I don’t want to get into a back-and-forth extravaganza with clients, podcast guests, friends, or…well, anyone. So I’ll schedule my emails at the start of the next business day (before I’m awake), so that I can get to work on them in the morning. ($4.99/month beyond 5 scheduled messages)
  2. Aweber: My email host du jour at the moment, but I may move on to greener pastures in the next few months ($29/month)
  3. Libsyn: Podcast hosting (I’m on the $15/month plan)
  4. Savor The Success 90-Day Action Planner: Pretty cool planner! I started out with this and the Passion Planner at the beginning of the year, but like how much of a deep dive I can do daily with this one.
  5. RescueTime: Keeping track of where my time goes on the computer, automatically and in the background.
  6. Gumroad: Selling my products for a percentage of the cost
  7. Evernote: The entrepreneur’s notekeeper
  8. Google Keep: Android’s Evernote
  9. Trello: Meh, I stopped regularly using it a few months ago

Client management tools

  1. SatoriApp: Scheduling + Payment + Contracts + Reminders + Follow-Up for $25/month
  2. Nimble: The aformentioned CRM where I can track leads and clients
  3. Thinkific: Where I host the Systematic Awesomeness course
  4. Gumroad: The aforementioned product seller that also keeps track of who has bought from me before

Tools I’m playing with

  1. Workboard: A new project management system I’m looking to replace Trello with
  2. Toggl: A manual time tracker (as compared to RescueTime’s automatic tracking)


Now, it was impossible for you not to notice that I’m spending a decent amount monthly on these tools. In fact, my monthly recurring business expenses (which also include a couple of membership sites I’m in, like Fizzle), are $202.

Did I start like that? Hell no.

So don’t be scared off by the idea of putting a couple thousand toward systems each year. All this can be done as a bootstrapper.

I know, because I did it.

Ready to figure out which tools work best for you and your budget?

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