There are a million and one ways to use Twitter for your business, many of which suck. Sure, you can be a sleazeball and spend all day following and unfollowing people to improve your own followers:followees ratio, or you can use some of these legitimate tips from social media experts.

Today, I’ve collected a bunch of the non-sucky Twitter tips and tactics, all in one place! Use these to supercharge your social reach on the platform nearly every target demographic is using.

  1. 4 Tips For Using Twitter To Grow Your List… (@MallieRydzik via @JackieJohnstone)
  2. How To Speak Twitter’s Language (@JackieJohnstone)
  3. 3 Reasons No One Is Following You On Twitter (@TheStaceyHarris)
  4. 16 Creative Ways To Use Twitter For Business (@smexaminer)
  5. How To Change Your Twitter Handle Without Losing Followers Or Mentions (@xokammie)
  6. [Podcast] How To Promote With Twitter (@Mike_Stelzner via @AmyPorterfield)
  7. [Podcast] Social Media Strategies And Automation Tools (@lkr via @PatFlynn)
  8. What Good Is Twitter? (@DKThomp)
  9. 50 Tweetable Twitter Tips You Wish You Knew Years Ago (@dianaurban)
  10. Mashable’s Twitter Guidebook (@mashable)
  11. The Ultimate Twitter Tips Guide (@derekhalpern)

Does this seem like a lot? It is, but it’s doable. In fact, it’s automate-able. I can teach you how to automate almost all of these tactics….

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