You all know I’m a sucker for social media. Twitter is where I find most of my clients and business contacts.

For the last year or so, I was using a bootstrapped social media posting method that involved Hootsuite and color-coded Excel files. I learned about this ad hoc method from Laura Roeder of LKR Social Media, so it should have been no surprise to me when she introduced Edgar–a social media management tool that integrated all the messiness of other scheduling methods.

Of course, I literally scoffed and laughed out loud when I heard the price: $49 per month?! I went around asking business friends and anyone who would listen what she was smoking.

And so, I continued bootstrapping for another couple of months. But I was annoyed at how much time even my streamlined free process was taking each week. I post about 20 times per day to Twitter alone, and I am careful to do a mix of my content, others’ content, and promotional materials on my end.

Finally, I bit the bullet and put Edgar into my monthly systems budget. As a systems strategist, I spend about $100/month on tools that make running my business more manageable. While it was tough to see half of that go to Edgar, I’m over a month into full-time use of it now, and I can’t see myself going back to my old system.


  • Edgar is the ultimate set it and forget it social media solution
  • It cycles through all your content before reusing a post
  • You can view your queue of posts days in advance
  • There is an option to pause the queue for a time period if necessary
  • You have the ability to import multiple posts at a time (I recommend downloading your previous posts from Buffer or Hootsuite then uploading and categorizing them as appropriate)
  • Edgar recognizes the importance of varying your content types throughout the day (no one wants 3 promotions from you in a row!)


  • The price point is high for bootstrapping solopreneurs
  • Probably not worth it compared to free or low-cost solutions if you post once daily
  • Needs better functionality for content that’s posted once other than the “Use Once” category (I still use Hootsuite for weekly promotion scheduling).
  • Not yet integrated with platforms like Google Plus

Here is a video overview I did of the platform. Check it out and let me know what you think! Is it worth the $49 for your business?

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